The Agreements

To sign up to the Toyota class action, you will be required to have the following information ready:

  • the Vehicle Identification Number for your affected vehicle(s); and
  • the identity of the registered owner of the affected vehicle(s).

To retain Bannister Law Class Actions to represent you in the Toyota class action, you will be asked to enter into two agreements: a funding agreement with Balance Legal Capital (Balance) (who is the litigation funder providing financial support for the class action) and a retainer agreement with Bannister Law Class Actions.

To enter into the two agreements, you will be asked to read and “electronically accept” the terms of the agreements. Full copies of these agreements are provided as part of the registration process. We will also email you a signed copy of these agreements for your records. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your registration within 24 hours. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours, please request a call back using the contact form here. To view samples only of the agreements, click on the links below:

Sample Agreements:

If you have further queries or require assistance with this process from a representative at Bannister Law Class Actions, or would prefer hard copies of these documents for signing, please request a call back using the contact form here.

If you would not like to sign a funding agreement and retainer agreement at this time but you would like to sign up to receive correspondence from Bannister Law Class Actions with updates on the Toyota class action, please enter your details here.

Cooling off period

Group members have a cooling off period of five business days from the date of acceptance of the funding agreement and retainer agreement. This enables group members to seek external legal advice, raise any questions, negotiate terms, or withdraw from the agreements.

Notice of independent legal advice

You should read these documents carefully. If you do not then understand everything, you should seek independent legal advice from your own family solicitor or a solicitor you choose.